Growth Driven Design

What is Growth Driven Design?

Growth driven design is a completely new approach and outlook on website design. It’s built upon three major principles minimizing risk and launch time, integration with marketing and sales, and continuous improvement and development. It avoids the risks associated with traditional web design by taking a systematic approach that utilizes real research and user data, while allowing for continuous improvement throughout a website’s lifespan.

Growth driven design also allows for continuous improvements that help your website maintain peak performance, as your website will grow along with your visitors, adapting to meet their specific needs. This innovate approach provides website users with an ever-evolving, highly versatile user experience every time they use your site.

Growth Driven Design vs Traditional Web Design

Measure, learn, optimize based on real dataInability to make changes as user habits change
Time and resource commitment is spread out over several monthsLarge up-front time & resource commitment
Continuous improvements throughout the programInflexible; once the website is live, there is little room for improvements
Better results and improved ROI No guarantee the web design will be successful
Design is based on users’ wants and needs to ensure positive user experienceDesign is subjective and based on theories and assumptions
Tight integration with marketing and salesStatic property; minimal integration with other
Time is on your side- you can make improvements throughout the design processOften over budget, out of scope, and late

Minimize Risk

Traditional web design requires large up-front costs, excessive time and resource commitments, very minimal flexibility, and highly subjective designs with no guarantee of positive outcomes. We take major strides to avoid the multitude of risks associated with traditional web design by taking a systematic approach to minimize launch time, focus on real research, and continually improve your website with a strategy centered around steady, data-driven growth and development.

It is estimated that prospects move through 70% of the sales process before their initial contact with your sales team — meaning that the majority of the information they are finding is likely directly from your website. This makes your website a fundamental tool in your sales process… in fact, it is your most influential salesperson. Growth driven design is the safest and most effective way to ensure that your site is the best salesperson your company will ever see.

Continuously Learn & Improve

One of the most impactful and innovate features of growth driven design is its emphasis on continuous improvement. From the moment a website launches, we research, hypothesize, test, test, and test again, to ensure that the websites we create are always providing viewers with the most dynamic and engaging, user-friendly experience possible. Through consistent critical analysis of every aspect of web design, we can help websites reach peak performance.
The beauty of growth driven design lies within its ability to not only accept but to embrace website visitors’ behaviours, and to adjust with them as user habits change. Retainer-based web design puts customer centricity at the forefront by intentionally iterating and updating to stay in alignment with the needs and behaviours of the website visitors, and to ensure that it is always an accurate and informative reflection and extension of your business.

Integration With Marketing & Sales

Growth driven design greatly differs from traditional web design in a multitude of ways, including its seamless integration with marketing and sales. The emphasis on growth and need for extensive research and testing provides thorough insight and analysis about your website visitors. This information can be used to drastically improve your company’s marketing and sales strategies and approach.
Your website is your most important marketing tool. Period. Growth driven design synergizes the goals of your website, marketing team and sales team, enabling your staff and your site to work together flawlessly to achieve their goals in an effective and customer-centric manner. Over time, your website will continuously develop into a more and more powerful marketing & sales machine.

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